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Image of Hexmodal Temp Sensor

Hexmodal Hex-THP Temperature Humidity and Pressure Sensor

Never Test Room Pressure, Temperature, or Humidity Again

Automatic Wireless Monitoring with Guaranteed Compliance. No IT Needed, No Upfront Cost, No Wasted Time.

Image of OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor

OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor

Secure Temperature Monitoring with Intelligent, Wireless Sensors

The OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor (formerly known as PrimexTEMP Sensor) uses intelligent recording and alerts to continuously safeguard valuable medications, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive assets.

Image of OneVue Sense Temperature and Humidity Sensor

OneVue Sense Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Your indoor air quality data is captured seamlessly in your software.

As part of the OneVue™ wireless facility monitoring system, PrimexIAQ indoor air quality sensors take automated monitoring to the next level.

Image of Primex Differential Pressure Sensor

Primex Differential Pressure Sensor

Control airborne contaminants and maintain safe environments with the OneVue Differential Pressure monitoring system.

Differential Pressure Monitoring within our OneVue Sense solution employs highly sensitive, low-pressure sensors with the ability to detect ultra-low changes in air pressure that could affect safety.

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