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OneVue Notify InfoBoard

When Seconds Count

OneVue Notify InfoBoard

Whether for critical alerts, general messaging, or even managing time, OneVue Notify InfoBoards bring visual notification to your facility, especially in busy and noisy environments. In addition, visual notification provides a means of communicating to the hearing impaired.


The average response time for emergency services in the USA is ten minutes. Most critical events are over in less than five minutes. OneVue Notify InfoBoards help to alert entire buildings and campuses of critical situations in seconds, to help bring people to safety until emergency respondents arrive.

​Invest in safety. During a fire, active shooter or critical weather emergency, seconds can make a difference. Speed up notifications in critical situations to help save lives.

-Keep students and staff aware and safe faster
-Visual messaging provides an extra layer of notification in critical situations
-Band and Choir rooms may not hear overhead announcements, or text alerts
-General messaging for events
-Use of bell controller keeps staff and students in sync and on time

Learn how one high school has implemented Notify InfoBoards to enhance its emergency response plan and communications throughout the campus.


Whether identifying appointed isolation and quarantined areas, displaying reminders of infection control and hygiene protocols, or navigating throughout the healthcare facility, OneVue Notify InfoBoards can easily and quickly help visually communicate.

In addition, when not communicating important messaging, Notify InfoBoards help keep staff on time and on schedule with synchronized time keeping. Keep accurate records of:

-Coded events
-On-time delivery of medication, testing and surgical procedures
-Harm or psychological events of patients
-Personnel shift changes

Notify InfoBoards can also be used in conjunction with a hospital’s emergency response plan, utilizing the critical notifications solution. Customize these notifications to fit into your current emergency response language and protocols.

The Notify InfoBoard™ displays visual, critical alerts in seconds during emergency situations, as well as provide general messaging and time sync solutions.

-Post-incident reports for emergencies and critical situations
-Warning reports for alerts and unresponsiveness of the InfoBoard helps ensure InfoBoards are functioning properly at all times
-Cloud-based software enables easy administration from any device with web browser
-Connect to a transmitter for institution-wide time synchronization
-Operates during power outages and network failures
-All-in-one critical alert, general messaging and date/time solution
-Customizable general messaging, date and time formatting
-Seven display colors w/ adjustable brightness and scrolling speed
-Red, green, blue, yellow, white, magenta, cyan
-The Notify InfoBoard comes in three sizes: large, medium, and mini
-Proudly engineered in the USA

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