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Access Control

Management solutions that are tailored to Access Control, Time & Attendance, Electronic Key Management and Criminal Justice.

The vIDix Control App provides users the knowledge, freedom and flexibility to manage daily activities surrounding their facility, as well as respond to incidents and emergencies from anyplace, anywhere.

Base Functionality
• Unlock a door or group of doors
• Momentarily unlock a door or group of doors
• Lock a door or group of doors
• Grant/revoke access by Person/Credential
• Last Scan details by Person/Credential
• Activate other systems from remote locations
• Receive Email/Text Alerts on all aspects of your system

Access Control: Individuals can be identified at Staffed locations and access can be conditionally granted by a Staff member after reviewing key details (demographics, photo, biometric score, etc.)
Allow automated entry (subject to identification) at unstaffed locations utilizing an intuitive touch screen interface (Secure Air locks / Kiosks / etc.)

IDlink’s cardless check-in using finger biometrics is designed to be an immediate drop-in replacement for your current means of checking in your members. IDlink is a value add-on for your existing membership management software.

Cardless check-in does NOT replace your existing membership management software. Cardless check-in is an add-on to your existing membership software just like a card reader or bar code reader. Instead of members carrying a card, they simply present their finger to sign in. If your front desk staff normally greets your members, they will continue to greet them like normal.

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