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Two Technicians Working On Machine
Two Technicians Working On Machine

Direct Clients

Providing Compliance systems and Time Management Systems to Clients in the Southeast

Whether it's Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing or Retail, we provide solutions that help facilities increase their productivity, reduce costs, remain compliant, and increase safety. GTR Business Systems has helped thousands of businesses track assets and people, monitor assets, synchronize their wall clocks and bell schedules, and increase workplace safety. 

As a direct client of GTR Business Systems…


  • We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your automated system needs.

  • We provide a recommendation according to your specific operations and standards.

  • GTR will Implement, Install and support all systems.

  • Our product line consists of Synchronized Wall Clocks,  Temperature and Environmental Monitoring, Emergency Lighting Monitoring, RTLS, Time & Attendance, Time Stamps, Guardtour products, and more.


GTR Business Systems proudly serves Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, Government, Retail, Business Offices, and more.  We are authorized and trained partners with multiple manufacturers giving us the ability to choose the best product for your application.


What does this mean for your business?  The right solution at the right price with available support both on the phone and on-site to take care of your needs.


Manufacturing facilities need a reliable way to track employee hours, attendance, Departments, Jobs, PTO and more.  GTR Business Systems provides Time & Attendance systems with a variety of ways to capture the data including Biometric clocks, badge clocks, pin entry clocks, PC punch, Smart Phone app, and more. Is buddy punching an issue?  We provide several kinds of biometric time clocks to fit your needs including facial recognition, fingerprint, and hand punch. If you need assistance with employees staying on task in your manufacturing space or warehouse,  then we provide integrated bell control systems with full installation.


Protect patients, staff, and sensitive resources with our monitoring systems and synchronized time systems. 

Automatically monitor or track devices, people, and events with systems that alleviate your staff from getting bogged down with data logging and maintenance tasks and saving you hundreds of man-hours each month.


Keep students and staff on time with Synchronized Clocks and School Bell Scheduling. Facility managers at the smallest elementary schools to sprawling urban universities face the same challenge – keeping every clock set to the right time with limited staff and budget. A synchronized clock system does the job for you, automatically setting each clock to the exact same time and keeping it there – even through Daylight Saving Time shifts and power outages. Students get to class on time, teaching hours are maximized, and your facility team is free to focus on more valuable projects to keep your school running like clockwork.

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