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Programmable Time Clocks

Amano MJR7000 and 8000 Time Clock

Discover Fast, Accurate Payroll Preparation with the Employee Time Computer Clock That Adds Up Hours For You!

The Amano MJR Series computerized time recorder automatically calculates hours worked and separates regular and overtime hours, taking the “guess work” out of payroll processing. This clock holds up to 100 employees in its internal memory.

Lathem 2100HD Heavy Duty Thermal Print Time Clock

WhisperPrint™ Thermal Printing

Patented direct thermal WhisperPrint™ technology eliminates print ribbons for maintenance-free operation. Using Lathem’s E8 series time cards the model 2100HD delivers a quiet, perfectly aligned punch on each employee’s time card.

Lathem 7500E Automatic Time Clock

Fully Automatic

The 7500E automatically calculates worked time between punches and accumulates totals on the card for up to 100 active employees or jobs. It also receives its time signal from the WWVB atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado.

MP550 Electric Time Clock




-CONSECUTIVE NUMBERING (1 to 8 digits) with up to 9 repeats.
Assists with document management, filing, retrieving


TR440d Electronic Time Clock

Heavy Duty!

The heavy duty TR440d time recorder has the durability demanded by a large business and the ease of use desired by a small business purchasing their first payroll time clock. Automatic card feed and alignment helps prevent accidental over punching and the easy to audit time card layout makes the time card review simple. A large digital display is easy to read from a distance.


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Time Card Rack

pierre-chatel-innocenti-Lk-nu_hX6ms-unsplash 2.png

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Time Cards

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Compumatic Cotton Ribbon
Colors: Purple, Black, Red and Blue

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Amano Black Cotton Ribbon​

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