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Payroll Based Journal ITCS-WebClock

Touchless and Contact Free Temperature Scanning Mask Detection

Imagine being able to attract and retain employees, maximize labor efficiency while enhancing your employees work experience all at the same time. For over 20 years we have been committed to lowering labor costs and driving employee engagement.

ITCS-WebClock is a global provider for Cloud-based Human Resource and Workforce Management technologies. Powerful, yet "Simple and Easy to Use", this cloud-based solutions streamline for your workforce management and payroll processing activities.

Empower your employees with our Workforce Management Solution. Today employees expect to have access to information instantaneously with self-service in:

-Workforce Management/Time & Attendance

-Employee Scheduling

-Time Off Requests

-Expense Reporting

-Employee Pay on Demand

-HR Software


-Mobile Time App

Our ITCS-PBJ solution helps ensure compliance to CMS standards by facilitating the compilation, validation and submission of CMS required reporting. ITCS-PBJ’s proprietary software enables the ability to review issues, edit and validate the findings prior to submission, ensuring confidence in the accuracy of the information being submitted to CMS.

Additional features include the ability to import and convert current staffing files to a PBJ format (XML) compatible with CMS submission, and run “what if” scenarios to test changes to staffing levels and benchmark the PBJ results.

Today's workplace is not what it was, GTR Business Systems has you covered from punch to paycheck.

“Ensuring the safety and health of your employees is critical. Proactively protecting the entire workforce will help stop the spread of COVID-19 and prevent costly business disruptions associated with this illness.”

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