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Ares QR-G

State of the Art IoT. More than 90 Years of Experience in Guard Tour Verification

- Ares QR-G professional version for Android Smartphones or Tablets with “Man Down” Alarm capability.
- Installation and setup in less than 10 minutes.
- Reduces supervision costs; reports will be transmitted from remote locations to the area supervisor in seconds.
- Phone synchronizes with Google DriveTM, Google DriveTM synchronizes with your PC. You get instantaneous transmission!
- Generates complete Tour Reports with GEO verified QR Checkpoints, Sites, Tours, Officer, Phone ID, Date, Time, Messages, Photographs, and a complete Tour evaluation, with omissions.
- Using Google DriveTM Reports can be easily and readily viewed on a smartphone, tablet or a PC running Windows.
- Stand Alone – can operate on-line if internet signal is defective.

Program Options:

1. Can view reports instantly, and straight from Google DriveTM, in Google SheetsTM or ExcelTM
2. QuickReport Software. Powerful SQL database engine. Compatible with Google Drive Cloud for remote transmission storage and sharing functions

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