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BeWhere BeMini

Rechargeable with mini-USB

Rechargeable with mini-USB, the BeMini features sensors like motion, temperature and light along with Wi-Fi indoor location. Its small and lightweight design can be used in compact spaces or where a discreet tracker is a better fit. It opens up the potential use cases for tracking a broader array of assets, both smaller and those requiring indoor and outdoor location.

• Available on the following Radio Access
Technologies: B3-MIOT-NA (M1 / NB1/ NB2)
• Rechargeable with mini-USB (included)
• Configurable alerting
• Motion tracking, triggering updates
• Outdoor Location: GNSS (GPS, BeiDou, Galileo,
• Indoor Location: Wi-Fi / BLE 5.2
• IP67 Rugged and Dust / Water-proof enclosure
• On-board sensors
– Temperature
– Humidity
– Pressure
– Light
– Accelerometer
– Buzzer

• Ultra-low power platform
• Low device cost
• Low deployment cost
• No reader needed
• Full coverage (indoor and rural areas)

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