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Guard Tour Systems

What determines the need for a guardtour system?

If you have a facility, then there may be issues of Vandalism, theft, protecting confidential information and accidentail damage. A guardtour system can help simplify these issues and regulate your guard patrols.

A guardtour system provides important documentation for you, your management and your insurance company. guardtour systems can provide documentation for fire safety and life safety. It also sends a powerful message to your safety officers helping to keep them safe and compliant. The reports provided by the Detex guardtour software can improve employee accountability and establish professionalism among the organization.

How does Guard Tour work?

The Detex Proxipen is a small handheld proximity device each guard carrys on their tour. Checkpoints – small round buttons are placed in critical areas on the tour. Guards simply touch the Proxipen to each checkpoint when on their tour and they will see a light and hear an audible confirmation of that checkpoint. At the end of the tour, the Proxipen is then taken back to the DTU (data transfer unit) where the information is transferred to the TopGuard Patrol Software. Reports can then be downloaded, printed, and emailed to managers and other personnel.

-ProxiPen Guard Tour System

-Reliant Plus Guard Tour System

-Topguard Patrol Software

-Topguard Patrol Plus Software

-ProxiPen-2 RFID Tag Reader

-Proxipen RFID Tags 10 Pack

-M8000 Reliant Data Acquisition Unit (DAU)

-Reliant Incident Book and Keypad

-Reliant Checkpoint Complete with iButton – 5 pack

-Reliant PLUS II Software (CD) Upgrade w/ User Manual (PDF)

-Reliant P8000 Data Transfer Unit (DTU)

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