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OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor

Secure Temperature Monitoring with Intelligent, Wireless Sensors

The OneVue Sense Temperature Sensor (formerly known as PrimexTEMP Sensor) uses intelligent recording and alerts to continuously safeguard valuable medications, vaccines and other temperature-sensitive assets. This wireless temperature sensor is connects to Primex’s cloud-based OneVue Monitor facility monitoring software platform.

The Sense Temperature Sensor meets the strictest of CDC guidelines. These guidelines call for temperature monitoring data loggers with features that ensure patient safety, maintain compliance and reduce liability while protecting vaccine efficacy and minimizing inventory losses.

Secure Temperature Monitoring with Intelligent, Wireless Sensors

Our Sense Temperature Sensor is ideal for safeguarding sensitive materials such as valuable medications and vaccines. Each wireless temperature sensor automatically reports into, and is monitored by, the intuitive OneVue Monitor platform. The latest encryption protocols combine with 802.11n compatibility to ensure secure communication between the sensors and OneVue. Flexible logging options capture and store data seamlessly without bogging down local IT networks. When sensors detect out-of-range conditions, the system immediately issues audible and visual alerts and initiates an automated email alert.

-Continuous monitoring sensor can be set to log and report data as frequently as every 4 minutes
-LCD display shows readings and diagnostics
-Three power options: Battery, AC or PoE
-Single or dual probe models available
-Choose either Standard or Extended Range (cryogenic) Probes

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