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EverAlert Communication System

A one system to manage your critical communication

EverAlert Communication System

EverAlert® is an advanced, powerful communication system that delivers better communication and productivity through daily messaging, emergency alerts and synchronized clocks.

Synchronized Clocks:
Ensure everyone is on the same, precise time with synchronized clocks. Features such as countdown timers and buzzers keep meetings, classes, and shift changes running smoothly.

Digital Signage and Messaging:
Improve your building’s communication with clear, instant messages. Customize messages and use audio/visual cues to keep everyone informed — even by department or by room.

Emergency Notifications:
Keep critical communications clear and timely during threats. Automatic or custom messages instantly inform everyone how to stay safe. Integrate with other building systems like fire alarms, P.A., lockdown and even weather alerts.

Who uses EverAlert?
Education, Offices, Healthcare, and other Large Facilities.
The EverAlert communications system keeps people safe and secure, while saving time, money and complexity when managing organizational communications. It is the single solution that improves
safety, connection and efficiency throughout a building or campus. Many industries have discovered the benefits of daily messaging, emergency notifications and synchronized time.

-Clearly Inform with News and Messages

-Integrate Other Systems for Maximum Efficiency

-Keep Classes, Meetings and Shifts on Time

-Quickly Alert for Better Security

EverAlert is Powered by the inCloud Management Portal
Daily updates and announcements should be intuitive. Emergency alerts need to be immediate. The inCloud management portal allows your team to create, control, and schedule the messages, news and emergency alerts that are critical to your organization.

Set-Up, Manage and Monitor EverAlert—Easily

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