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EverAlert Dynamic View

Deliver important communications to your facility on large-format TV displays and through your intercom system.

EverAlert Dynamic View

Deliver important communications to your facility on large-format TV displays and through your intercom system.

Keep your building occupants informed with the same daily messages and emergency notifications on your large screens, as you can with DYNAMIC DISPLAY. When connected to your intercom system, this device becomes linked to speakers throughout your facility, for trouble-free, advanced programming of tones and other audible announcements.

Synchronized Time
Boost productivity with displays that show the same, precise time.

Live Paging
Send live one-way audio messages to single rooms or your entire building.

Everyday Communications
Send scheduled or instant messages for all your routine informational needs, including bells and events.

Emergency Notifications
Deliver critical communications that are clear and timely during a threat.

NEW EverAlert MediaPlus

EVERALERT MEDIAPLUS allows users to display MP4 content on Dynamic Display and TVs connected to Dynamic View. With this new feature, it’s simple to show multimedia messages like image/graphic slideshows and recorded video.

NEW EverAlert Live

EverAlert Live connects with your IP phone system to bring live audio communications to your EverAlert system. Bring live audio messaging capability to your facility at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated paging system.

EverAlert Communications on Big Screens

For high traffic areas or places in your building where large groups of people gather, Dynamic View provides an effective way of delivering information. Schedule all daily events with INCLOUD and synchronize with Dynamic Displays and other devices throughout your facility.

• Connects to any display through HDMI
• Supports HD, large-format 16:9 resolutions
• Transmits audio signals to other devices through output jack
• Provides scheduled, instant, and automatic communications
• Controlled by the inCloud management portal via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
• Instant and scheduled daily messaging
• Flexible formatting for shorter/longer reading distances
• Automatic weather alerts for your county; customize response instructions
• Visual fire safety notifications linked to your fire pull stations
• Increase awareness and response when a lockdown is in place

Display EverAlert Emergency Notifications

EverAlert Dynamic View is a flexible option that gives you the freedom to customize alerts, messages and communications on your TV screens or large-format displays.

EverAlert + inCloud: Instantly Upgrade your Intercom or P.A. Tones

Are you using an intercom or P.A. system to ring bells? Do you struggle with complicated scheduling and limited audio options? Instantly upgrade your intercom or P.A. system with EverAlert Dynamic View and the INCLOUD Management Portal! Together, these solutions give you a programmable tone generator with unlimited options.

For a fraction of the price of a new intercom system, add the ease of inCloud and the flexibility of Dynamic View to schedule and deliver bells, tones and any other audio!

• Unlimited audio options
• Schedule and manage from anywhere
• Instant upgrade to your intercom/P.A. system

Schedule and Manage EverAlert Dynamic View Screens with the inCloud Management Portal

EverAlert Dynamic View screens can be scheduled and controlled with American Time’s intuitive inCloud Management Portal.

• Quickly schedule messages, audio alerts and countdown timers
• Create or change daily schedules with just a few clicks
• Organize and schedule EverAlert displays by department, wing or classroom
• Dynamic View can Instantly Upgrade your Intercom Audio!

Working with the inCloud Management Portal, the EverAlert Dynamic View can improve and expand your intercom or bell system to better signal class or shift changes. Get unlimited audio options and schedule the tones from anywhere!

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