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Valcom Intercom System

Synchronized clocks, bell schedules, intercoms and paging systems are all necessary for schools to operate efficiently.

Valcom Intercom System

Keeping students safe, informed and on schedule.

Without a trustworthy communication system, a school’s day-to-day routine can become disorderly. Our solutions make information sharing across large geographical areas, not only possible, but simple. Although daily operations are important, emergency notification is paramount. As threats
occur, our systems easily adapt to quickly distribute and manage emergency messages. Valcom’s K-12 solutions provide a robust communication system that fits your needs.

The start of a busy school day requires planning and coordination. Morning announcements ensure that students and staff are aware of the day’s events and other essential information. Mornings are busy. Being able to prerecord morning announcements for scheduled playback at the start of day provides extra minutes to manage the onset of the school day.

School administrators need to quickly verify a student’s attendance, or notify a teacher when a parent is picking up their child early. A two-way talkback intercom in each classroom quickly allows administrators to speak with teachers. Handsfree operation provides minimal interruption and requires no effort.

Valcom Application Servers can record live announcements and automatically replay them to the same or different areas, or buildings, at a scheduled time.

In emergency situations, teachers need to call the administration office to quickly summon help. Call buttons in classrooms provide “one press” communication that, once initiated, cannot be cancelled from the classroom. This is especially important in situations where classroom phones are in danger of being ripped from the wall by aggressive combatants.

K-12 Schools often house many different grade levels. The ability to direct grade specific audio and text announcements is vital to minimizing unnecessary NEW school-wide disruptions. Unlimited, non-blocking grouping allows administrators to combine PA speakers and LED signs in any combination required to target specific recipients without disturbing everyone.

Young students with sensitive hearing, loud machine shops and communal areas all require various levels of sound. Sometimes, the sound levels in an area, like a machine shop or cafeteria, vary significantly. Fully granular volume adjustment provides the ability to adjust speakers in each area for just the right amount of sound. Automatic volume controls allow more sound to be broadcast automatically as ambient noise increases. Emergency volume offsets provide the benefit of higher volume for critical messages.

Managing emergency situations such as weather events and lockdowns can be difficult unless a simple plan is in place. It is difficult to think clearly in crisis situations Preplanning responses to various situations is critical. ‘One touch’ execution of a calculated communication plan of action to one or more schools, which may include, text to LED signs, prerecorded voice instructions, automated emails, alerts to smartphone apps, strobes, and automatic door locking is easily accomplished locally or from the district office. Weather response may be automatically coordinated with National Weather Service Alerts and automatic earthquake warnings are available for California, Oregon, and Washington.

During school lockdowns, coordinated feedback to administration and law enforcement is critical.
Our lockdown confirmation solution provides graphical progress of a lockdown’s progress. As teachers
confirm lockdown status, visual representations of the classrooms change state for easy assessment.

Our school needs to be able to visually signal class change bells and convey audible messages in a text format for hearing impaired students LED signs with attention grabbing flashers are perfect for conveying
information to hearing impaired student or students in noisy areas.

Valcom’s suite of Software Solutions simplifies your enterprise operations from day-to-day communications, maintenance management and emergency situations. Our software solutions allow you to have control over your notification platform, keeping students safe and staff, informed and on schedule.

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