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Lathem CT74 Face Recognition

A Better Facial Clocking Solution

Workplace friendly, the FaceIN® biometric time clock system replaces conventional fingerprint, iris scan and hand reader time clocks, providing a more hygienic and easy to use solution. Faster and more reliable than other biometric systems, FaceIN® verifies an employee's face in seconds removing the need for time cards, badges, keys or pin numbers.

With FaceIN facial recognition time clocks, employees simply look into the time clock display and within seconds they are identified and clocked in or clocked out based on their facial features. FaceIN's dual camera system performs a 3-D analysis of the 60 facial points that are unique to each employee, so the FaceIN time clock system completely eliminates employee buddy punching that leads to higher labor costs. Employee facial points are recorded and stored as data algorithms in the face recognition attendance machine. As a result, employee's facial data is collected only as digitally encoded information, so they cannot be reproduced as a photographic image.

An attendance system using facial clocking is one of the best ways to eliminate buddy punching and time theft while streamlining tracking time across the board.

Seamless Connectivity with PayClock Online

Facial Recognition Biometrics for Completely Secure Access Control

FaceIN face recognition time clocks have some of the best features that make them the most reliable and advanced biometric time clock available:

• 7” Resistive Touch Screen LCD Display
• Patented "incline design" to optimally capture the geography of a human face and ensure accurate measurement and identification.
• The dual camera system performs a 3-D facial analysis
• Versatile configuration and application
• Networked (Ethernet TCP/IP Web Enabled Encryption)
• Access Control (available in the model CT74)
• Multiple verification options
• Face Recognition, Proximity Badge (125KHz-EM RFID Card Reader), PIN & Face Recognition Combined
• Advanced 3-D facial recognition technology to instantly identify your employees
• Provides a contact-free hygienic alternative to fingerprint readers
• Fool proof and eliminates "buddy punching"
• Uses a standard Ethernet connection to your existing computer network
• The model CT74 has built-in dry contact relay for optional physical access control
• Memory back up with Internal Lithium battery 5 year cumulative retention
• Features a 12-month warranty

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