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ATS Wifi & POE Clocks

Get precise, synchronized time from your existing network.

ATS Wifi & POE Clocks

Network clocks are a fast way to get precise time and better productivity in your building or campus! By simply relying on your current network, such as Ethernet or Wi-Fi, our Network Clocks deliver instant ROI by keeping your building, people, classes, meetings and operations on accurate time. Fast installation, low maintenance and no master clock required.

Power over Ethernet Clocks Deliver Accurate Time anywhere in the World

Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks are a durable and precise technology that delivers accurate time anywhere. Easy to install with hardly any maintenance, these beautiful analog or digital clocks give you accurate time and peace of mind.

Wi-Fi Clocks use a Wi-Fi Network for Fast and Cost-Effective Synchronized Time

Wi-Fi clocks pull the correct time from your existing Wi-Fi network. Hang them anywhere you get a Wi-Fi signal, no electrician required. Quality construction and five-year battery life means that maintenance staff won’t have to spend time fixing clocks. Keep events on time and get better productivity with all clocks, computers, phones, and other devices displaying the same time!

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