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Primex 72 MHz

A GPS clock solution that covers your whole facility or campus

Primex 72 MHz

The Primex 72 Mhz system utilizes a Transmitter that is placed in a central location of your building or campus. There is a GPS Garmin outside the building that’s attached to the transmitter. The transmitter blankets your area with the 72 Mhz RF signal. Each wireless clock has an internal receiver. Four times a day, the clock will wake-up and receive the correct time keeping all of your clocks, whether analog or digital, on perfectly synchronized GPS time.

​There is no need to run correction wires. If you choose the analog battery clocks, there isn’t even a need for voltage wires. Simply hang a clock in any area of your facility as needed. **

Below are listed the different types and sizes of clocks we offer (these clocks are also offered in Bluetooth):
• 9″
• 12"
• 5″
• 16″
• Custom Logo Dual Sided
• One Sided with Bracket
• 2.5" six digit, Digital Clock
• 4" six digit Digital Clock
• 2.5" four digit Digital Clock
• 4" four digit Digital Clock
• Red, Green or White LED display
• 120V, or POE
• Single Sided, Double Sided
• Flush mount, surface mount, ceiling mount
• Personal series digital clock LCD screen 120V or battery

• Metal
• Wood
• Black
• White

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