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Benefits of Anytime, Anywhere-Accessible Environmental Data in Healthcare

By Bob Modlinski

Keeping the integrity of controlled environments is vital in numerous aspects of healthcare. Whether protecting patients during operations, preventing the spread of infection from isolation areas, or safeguarding vaccines and medications in refrigerators, healthcare staff need to ensure proper conditions for safety and compliance.

Behind this responsibility lies copious amounts of historical data that can both prove success or exhibit failure. Primex OneVue Sense™ automated monitoring technology helps to make regulating environments — and proving success — easy. For example:

  • OneVue Sense Temperature Sensors inside refrigerators or freezers continuously monitor internal temperatures to help keep vaccines, medications, lab samples, or other temperature-sensitive assets stored safely.

  • OneVue Sense Water Leak Sensors detect minuscule amounts of liquid to prevent leaks from turning into costly floods, especially helpful when placed next to HVAC systems or in IT server rooms.

  • OneVue Sense Differential Pressure Sensors monitor air pressure differentials in isolation areas, surgical suites, or compounding rooms to help create positive outcomes and bolster safety.

  • OneVue Sense Indoor Air Quality Sensors measure ambient air temperature and humidity to help prevent the spread of airborne viruses and keep patient areas comfortable.

  • OneVue Sense Contact Closure Sensors monitor the opening and closing of essential cabinets, drawers, or storage areas to help protect inside contents.

One Platform for Collective Data

One of the many features of a OneVue Sense Service and Support Plan is having all data from every connected OneVue Sense sensor in one central place: The Primex OneVue® software platform.

This cloud-based software platform is available on any device with a web browser, allowing nurses, pharmacists, doctors, and other staff immediate access to the status of their environment whenever they need it. With real-time data at users’ fingertips whenever they want or need it, Primex OneVue provides peace of mind. But that’s only one of the benefits that anytime, anywhere-accessible data brings.

Top Three Benefits of On-Demand Primex OneVue Data

  1. Protect Assets and Environments When You’re AwayInstead of having data sent and saved to one central desktop computer, the cloud-based nature of the OneVue platform provides users with the gift of flexibility and mobility. With Primex OneVue, gone are the days of needing to be on-site to check refrigerator temperatures to ensure the safety of your valuable vaccines, medications, samples, or other temperature-sensitive assets. All that’s necessary is logging into the OneVue platform on any web browser — including those on mobile devices — to check your temperature data. The mobile capability is perfect for checking on your valuables on weekends or low-staff hours. And, even if they’re 1,000 miles away on vacation, users can rest assured knowing their data is only a few taps away. Plus, if any sensor detects an out-of-range or abnormal condition, OneVue can send an alert via text message, phone call, or email to give staff real-time notice that corrective actions may be necessary.

  2. Instant Proof of Regulatory CompliancePrimex OneVue makes complying with accrediting bodies and regulatory agencies a breeze. For both planned inspections and drop-in audits, staff can simply log into the OneVue platform and generate custom, on-demand reports that prove proper monitoring practices. Whether it be for the safe storing of medications and vaccines or keeping isolation rooms at the proper pressure differential, historical data within OneVue can help you easily meet regulatory requirements. And because compliance needs are met, hospitals can avoid monetary penalties and bad publicity that come with unmet regulations. Plus, with OneVue taking care of meeting compliance needs, staff will have more time to focus on patient care, which could increase patient satisfaction scores and, subsequently, reimbursement amounts.

  3. The ConvenienceNot only is the OneVue software accessible anywhere, but it’s also easy to access. A single-sign-on option allows for a simple — and more secure — login process, often without even needing to type in an additional password. Once logged in, staff have immediate insight into their environmental data — no USB drive, uploading, and downloading necessary. With data at their fingertips, busy healthcare staff can breathe easy knowing OneVue Sense technology is continuously monitoring their valuable environments and recording measurements. Frontline staff members aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the OneVue software platform. Its web-based nature eliminates the need for IT staff to download software to servers and constantly check for and install updates.

Experience the Benefits and Improve Operational Efficiency

Let Primex OneVue automated monitoring technology help your healthcare staff. Through automated monitoring, Primex OneVue Sense technology can help protect valuable assets and environments in many areas of your hospital, health system, or healthcare facility. Data available anytime and anywhere within the OneVue software platform can provide users peace of mind and simplify regulatory compliance.

For additional convenience, users can also manage OneVue Sync™ Synchronized Clocks and OneVue Notify® InfoBoard™ displays within the OneVue software platform to better stay on schedule and strengthen communication at their facilities.

For more information on the Primex OneVue suite of products and how anytime, anywhere-accessible data can help optimize your facility, contact us today.

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