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Amano MJR7000 and 8000 Time Clock

Discover Fast, Accurate Payroll Preparation with the Employee Time Computer Clock That Adds Up Hours For You!

The Amano MJR Series computerized time recorder automatically calculates hours worked and separates regular and overtime hours, taking the “guess work” out of payroll processing. The MJR7000 clock holds up to 100 employees and the MJR8000 clock holds up to 250 employees in its internal memory.

Fully programmed and ready for use, before we install or ship. This durable clock is recommended for rougher work environments with high employee counts.


-Total hours for up to 100 employees in the 7000 and up to 250 employees in the 8000

-Calculates hours worked: separates regular and overtime

-Automatically advances year, month, date and Daylight Saving Time

-Programmable zones for late arrival or early departure

-Automatic break deduction

-Accommodates weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods

-Exception marks for easy identification of tardiness, overtime, etc.

-Easy data correction

-Concise, easy-to-read Attendance Report for current pay period

-Lockout capability

-Built-in battery backup protects clocks and program data for up to 72 hours during power failure

-Rounds In/Out times

-Paid breaks

-Table or wall mount

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