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Widmer E-3 Electric Embosser

The E-3 is efficient.

The E-3 is an efficient, immediate and precise embosser, perfect for single sheet certificates, diplomas and legal documents. The trigger mechanism can be set to the same consistent depth. A guide shelf is available for perfect positioning every time. Stamping pressure can be adjusted with ease electronically so that the dies do not cut through the document.

To operate this machine you simply plug the machine in and insert your document into the throat. Seals can be imprinted on the edge of the document using the extension trigger option or they can be imprinted up to a maximum of 2 ½ inches away from the edge of the document to the centerline of the seal.
(Trigger depth may vary with the diameter of the seal)
The seals can come in a simple engraving, (text only) which is at the base price, or you can have more intricate and complex designs customized to your needs.

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