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Crisis Event Alert & Status System

vIDix AWARE is the easiest way to quickly initiate emergency plans, communicate to all individuals in the facility and manage emergency condition statuses in various parts of the building, while creating a sense of security for all individuals.

Visual Response Status
View colored response status for quick analysis of each location displayed in grid or dynamic floor plan.
​Keep informed by requesting an updated status response for an individual or all locations.

Notify First Responders
Immediately alert and empower First Responders of a Crisis Event. Forward a facility map containing updated responses for each location providing First Responders the information needed to pin-point the areas of concern saving time, saving lives.

Proactive Alerts
Instantly alert individuals in the building of the event occurring. Alerts are sent via email or text and can be received anywhere on the grounds, inside or outside the building. These actionable alerts inform of the event and prompts the individual to respond with their status. Throughout the duration of the event, keep all individuals in the building informed with additional email or text alerts.

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