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vIDix Muster

Don't forget anyone during an emergency

When tragedy hits your organization, how do you make sure your people are accounted for or if they need rescuing? vIDix Muster gives you the ability to quickly check people in and focus on who is missing.

In addition to check-ins, the vIDix Muster system also provides users with the ability to send messages to other team members. This allows for clear communication during emergencies or drills, saving administrators time.

As a leader of the emergency response team, it’s important to keep track of everybody in the building, including guests and visitors. Our solution can help your team to be prepared for an emergency.

Empower your Safety Team with the tools to help manage an emergency or safety drill. Using a mobile device that is equipped with up-to-date person lists, the process of checking in people can be streamlined.

Allow staff to check-in team members or self check in to quickly know who may need help.

Keep everyone involved on the same page with e-mail or text alerts.

Utilize the last known person location details from multiple sources to quickly generate the most accurate muster list possible.

Located off-site for increased security Maintained 24/7
• Automatic backups
• Automatic upgrades

vIDix Muster is a dynamic solution that supports unlimited Sites, Locations, Users, Events, and Emergency Drills.

Generate a detailed report showing the
status of the people involved in the situation or drill.

Quickly use this information to help responding parties.

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