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vIDix Scheduler

Automatically create schedules based on demand, skill and availability!

Increase schedule accuracy and improve employee satisfaction with vIDix SCHEDULER. Studies have found that employees are more likely to accept work schedules if their scheduling preferences are factored in—reducing overtime, absenteeism and turnover costs.

A simple user interface will help you manage and organize all of your scheduling processes. vIDix SCHEDULER automatically creates schedules based on your business requirements, governmental regulations, and employee skill sets…all while engaging employees.

Scheduling can be complicated, and making sure you have all the right people, in the right places, at the right time can be an overwhelming task. Let vIDix SCHEDULER handle complex rules and quickly generate an optimized schedule for you.

Save time managing schedules with vIDix SCHEDULER. Ongoing management is easy when you have accurate up-to-date information. Quickly fill last minute call ins, post open shifts and manage incoming requests.

Stay Connected
Keep everyone on the same page with reminders and alerts. Employees will receive notifications of any schedule changes and have 24/7 access to their schedules online. Managers will have the latest information to guarantee they are accurately staffed at any time of the day.

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